Do You Know What's On Your Credit Report?

It’s quite shocking to find out how many people are afraid to see what's on their credit report.Yes, you are not alone if you have yet to venture out to see what's on it. Now, the real shocking truth is finding out that there wasn't anything on it that might be considered horrific. But then again, we all have our own definitions about what's horrific or not when it comes to translating one's credit report. I recently spoke with someone that was curious as to the type of business I was involved in. I disclosed to this person how I help people rehabilitate their credit profiles. And as we continued to speak I asked him when the last time he looked at his credit report was and I chuckled a bit when he replied, "Why look at your report when you know it’s bad!” For the most part, he shares the same common sentiment the majority of the population feels.

Our laugh broke the ice for him to feel at ease for him to pull his credit report and I began to show him why he shouldn't fear what was in it. All in all, his report wasn't bad nor was it horrific. All he needed was to focus on a few simple areas and his credit score would increase. This wasn’t the first time nor will it be the last time someone has shared with me how they have never seen their credit report. I've concluded that it's hard to see the cold hard truth with how our relationship with our money was like in the 'past'. In short, credit reports are personal. It is a personal snap-shot as to how we treated our money in the past. It is the tale of one's personal financial affair in vivid color.

Which in turn creates the need to either hide or put on a mask if we 'know' we weren't good with our money therefore we 'think' our report will tell the tall tale. It may or it may not tell a tale or two but it's having the courage to see what tales are being told, which will give you a running start to either correct, modify or dispute any errors that can hinder your ability to move freely in a credit society. When it comes to NOT pulling your credit report keep in mind it is what you don’t know that could possibly hurt you. It’s true that your credit report can be confusing at times, however if you take the time to consult with trusted professionals, like myself, I am certain everything can be explained clearly, fairly and easily. Click here to access your 3 bureau credit reports and get free credit monitoring

It’s quite easy to access your credit report online and in the privacy of your home. I recommend pulling your report first before speaking to a credit specialist so that you can see what's on it and determine what items you understand and what items you don't understand. Always keep in mind this very important fact, as we discussed last week, credit is a necessity and having good credit is the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a home, qualifying for a job, insurance premiums, car loan approvals, and many others. Don't be in denial, have the courage to pull your report and then do a jig for taking the plunge!